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Test Drive: 2015 Lexus RX-350 Featured

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2015 Lexus RX-350 during our test drive 2015 Lexus RX-350 during our test drive

While this gently used Lexus Certified 2015 RX-350 won't win any super car races, it's a fun performance luxury crossover SUV that would make a perfect commuter car.

The RX-350 is Lexus' most popular vehicle, and is a staple in the growing small crossover SUV market. As the final year of this design before a fairly significant overhaul for Model Year 2016, this car has a refined look and feel that any buyer will admire. These cars can also be found at a decent discount since it's the last year of this style.

2015 Lexus RX-350 Used test drive | Buck The Commute

As a commuter car that provides a little fun, the RX is a winner. The 270hp and 248lb-ft of torque get the car moving, but the lack of a turbo or supercharged option means it will never feel fast. For a fast version of this car, look at the combined 305hp RX-450h hybrid version of this car. The selectable manual-mode transimssion up and down-shifts well, so you can have a little fun on the drive. Find a good F-Sport model and you'll get paddle shifters, a dark intorior with white accents, and a more sporty feeling suspension.

Performance Video

2015 Lexus RX-350 Used test drive | Buck The Commute

Two large carseats fit well in the back, and you could squeeze another child or small adult between them for a short trip. Cargo area is ample for a small crossover, easily carrying two golf bags.

2015 Lexus RX-350 Used test drive | Buck The Commute


Up front is the refinement you expect from a Lexus, and the quality materials seem to hold up well, although this car only has 14,000 miles on it. This car included the Blind Spot Monitoring and Navigation packages, which add a few thousand to the residual value. Under miles for the year also affect the final KBB price of $42,555

2015 Lexus RX-350 Used test drive | Buck The Commute

Combined MPG: 21, on the edge of our Commuter Car threshold
KBB as Tested: ~$42,555 for Certified Pre-Owned
Fun Factor: 7/10 It's fun enough, but certainly no powerhouse.
Performance: 7/10 270hp & 248lb-ft of torque means a peppy, but not fast, luxury car.
Practicality: 8/10 At over $12,000 less than a brand new model and severly under miles, this is a great car to check out!

 KBB Pricing for a used 2015 Lexus RX-350

In the end? Test Drive 

Find a great 2014 or 2015 Lexus RX-350 with a full suite of packages for a great commuter car with a very good luxury feel.



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