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2015 Toyota Camry SE Featured

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When you test drive the best selling vehicle in the country, it's easy to know what to expect. This week I was able to drive this 2015 Toyota Camry SE from, and it was very suitable.

2015 Toyota Camry SE test drive - best commuter car

This car came in at just under 35,000 miles which is a a bit under average for the 2015 Model year. In about 200 miles of driving I averaged a very respectable 33MPG from the 2.5liter 4-cylinder.

2015 Toyota Camry SE test drive - best commuter car

Overall the refreshed design that arrived with the 2015 Camry is a major upgrade, especially the sporty touches that come with the SE model.

The dash is very usable and even though this model doesn't include navigation, the car info screen proved very useful. A good commuter car that reveals real-time mileage information is just what I need to keep my right foot honest.

2015 Toyota Camry SE test drive - best commuter car

Many rate the back seat in the 2015 Camry at the top of its class, and I definitely agree. Our large car seats fit well and the kids had no issues getting buckled in. Brenden even commented that he liked the Camry seatbelt much more than the Tundra.

2015 Camry Commuter Car back seat

I used the Camry on a photo shoot for Toyota Cruisers & Trucks, so I had all of my gear with me. The trunk swallowed the drone bag as well as my mission kit, camera bag, tripod, slider, and extra batteries. It's pretty much perfect in the sedan cargo area.

Great looks and a very solid economical nature make this an excellent commuter car. While the 2.5L engine and lack of manual option don't give it much performance cred, the 2015 Toyota Camry is a great commuter car.

2016 Camry se

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