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2014 Sciton tC 6 Speed Manual Featured

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When we decided to start covering the top FUN commuter cars we could find, one of the first to catch our eye was the Scion tC Coupe.When we decided to start covering the top FUN commuter cars we could find, one of the first to catch our eye was the Scion tC Coupe.Although the vehicle has been discontinued now that Toyota has done away with the Scion brand, there are still plenty of used options available around the country.2014 Sciton tC Used Car Test Drive Review

We found this 2014 specimen at and spent a couple of days running around town.

For a 6 speed manual without a TON of power, this little front-wheel-drive hatchback coupe sure is a fun commuter!

The aggressive & sporty tC sits fairly low to the ground, which can be a challenge for some. The white w/black accents on this car really show off the styling cues that may be lost in a darker color. I enjoyed the black roof which holds a really cool double sunroof. In the 2014+ version of the tC, the front grille has been restyled for a more aggressive look, not unlike the higher end Lexus brand.

2014 Sciton tC Used Car Test Drive Review

From the drivers seat everything is close at hand, and flat-styled steering wheel is a joy to handle. The engineers did a good job of creating that 'cockpit' feel we like to see in small sporty cars. There's nothing especially spectacular about the infotainment system, other than the well documented annoying 'upgrade' to make the Map button functional.

2014 Sciton tC Used Car Test Drive Review

Driving this little car in the 6 speed variant means you can really enjoy the experience. While I didn't do any burn outs or drag racing, the little car can get up & move when needed. The transmission is quick and the throttle is very responsive when downshifting.

Storage throughout the car is adequate for a small commuter. Although it presents as a true coupe, the tC features a nicely sized hatchback that easily handles all of my photography gear. One set of golf clubs would fit, but two would be a stretch.

2014 Sciton tC Used Car Test Drive Review

The backseat handles our large carseats well, although the the buckets caused our smaller seat to sit on a tilt. It was easy to adjust for a more level ride, but I'm not sure that's a great long term option. The kids really enjoyed speakers right next to their seats =)

2014 Sciton tC Used Car Test Drive Review

This 2014 Scion tC is a great option if you're looking for a sporty Coupe in a 6MT. The Toyota quality & longevity means you can get older versions with plenty of life for much less than $10,000. I personally enjoy the aesthetics of the 2014+ variants so I'll have to wait a couple of years before picking up a used as my daily commuter.

At 23/30/26 combined MPG, 179hp / 172 lb.-ft. this is a great little commuter. Definitely test drive!

2014 Sciton tC Used Car Test Drive Review

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