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2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo (Yes, It's Quick) Featured

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What do you want? A commuter car that's quick, fun, and gets good mileage? When do you want it? NOW!

This demo from came in at 29,000 miles - really good for a 3+ year old commuter.

2013 Veloster Turbo Test Drive | Buck The Commute

The three doors (plus the hatchback) take a little getting used to, but our 7 year old really liked being able to get himself in & out of the car. What's really great about the Veloster (Turbo version) is that it's quick enough to be fun on a nice spring day, and just practical enough to satisfy MPG requirements for a daily commuter car.

2013 Veloster Turbo Test Drive | Buck The Commute

While this model is an automatic (as you know we generally prefer a manual for fun Daily Drivers), the paddle shifters create a more sporty feeling. The turbo-lag is noticeable, but not enough of a problem to worry much about.

Surprisingly, the trunk area has more than enough room for my daily carry duffle, drone, and laptop. We were even able to squeeze a packed up truck-tent + mattress in there.

2013 Veloster Turbo Test Drive | Buck The Commute

In ~200 miles of spirited driving I averaged 28.9MPG. Most of those miles were cruising around 55mph, but there were a 'few' quick starts.

The 4 cylinder, turbo charged rumble creates a nice sound when you feel sporty. The kids like the 'race car' feel of this little commuter, so the car is firmly in the win column.

2013 Veloster Turbo Test Drive | Buck The Commute

While the back seat is small (as you would expect), it held our two large car seats just fine. There is no chance of squeezing much between them, but that's not what a commuter is for.

2013 Veloster Turbo Back Seat Car Seats | Buck The Commute

My only concern is the infotainment system, which provides great sound but manages to forget my Bluetooth preference every time the car is turned off. It only takes 2 taps to re-enable the BT, but it got a bit annoying.

2013 Veloster Turbo Dash and Infotainment | Buck The Commute

Should you try a Veloster for your commuter? It's definitely worth a test drive!

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