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Car and Driver

Elon Shows Us His Semi: Tesla’s Next Big Thing Is Big Indeed
Roughly 18 months have passed since we first learned about Tesla’s plan to add an electric semi-truck, of all things, to its automotive product family. At the time, it was...
First Drive: Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive, One of 500 with 607 HP!
Porsche will build only 500 copies of the 911 Turbo S Exclusive globally. Exclusive—it’s right there in the name. Actually, the Exclusive part of the name refers to Porsche’s in-house...
2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 First Drive: The Muscle Car of Compact SUVs
While other companies have dabbled in sticking big V-8s into their compact sports sedans, Mercedes-AMG was doing it years before—and it is the only brand that has hung on to...
2017 BMW 7-series Tested in Depth: Undistinguished Full-Size Luxury
The gilded playground of full-size luxury sedans is rampant with high expectations. BMW’s 7-series only partially meets them, serving up a comfortable, quiet ride but no distinguishing features or character...

Latest Commuter Car Articles

  • 2014 Mini Cooper 1.5L Turbo

    2014 Mini Cooper 1.5L Turbo

    I’ve always enjoyed the styling of the Mini Cooper, and the way they were a central character in the 2003 movie “The Italian Job” had me wondering if they are as cool as Hollywood portrayed. So last week I headed over to PreferredPreOwned.com to check one out for a test drive.

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  • 2014 Sciton tC 6 Speed Manual

    2014 Sciton tC 6 Speed Manual

    When we decided to start covering the top FUN commuter cars we could find, one of the first to catch our eye was the Scion tC Coupe.When we decided to start covering the top FUN commuter cars we could find, one of the first to catch our eye was the

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  • 3 Sporty & Quick Commuters

    3 Sporty & Quick Commuters

    These three commuter cars are (relatively) easy on the budget, will you to work & home in a hurry, and can be truly fun to drive.Best of all? Every one is available with a MANUAL gearbox!

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Latest Commuter Car Articles
Friday, 01 January 2016 13:21

Buck The Commute


According to The US Census, the average daily commute for those living & working in the United States is over 25 minutes.

Published in Buck It

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