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​ Why a Manual Transmission Commuter is a Good Idea. Featured

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I know. I KNOW. A manual transmission (that uses a clutch so you can shift gears in your car) is almost extinct. Today it's mostly reserved for VERY entry level cars, some 4x4 trucks, high-end performance cars, and of course semi-trucks.

However, if you really want to make driving fun again, how could you possible do so without a M/T??

If you can't drive a stick, stop reading, and click HERE.

For everyone else....humor me:


Both in terms of vehicle purchase and MPGs. While it's not always the case, manual vehicles generally cost less than their automatic counterparts. If you drive nicely, the M/T will likely get better mileage as well.

Automatic transmission for commuter car = crushed dreams

A Worthy Distraction

Forget about checking your phone, adjusting the radio, or putting on makeup. If you drive more than the average 25.6 miles per day (especially in traffic), you will have the opportunity to interact with your vehicle in exciting ways.

Bonus: A M/T is WAY more fun if you know how to drive it properly!


With less moving parts, the manual transmission is usually more reliable than an automatic. Also, you can shift without the clutch if you really need to.

Be Worldly

If you have the opportunity to experience international travel, chances are you'll need to drive a stick. Rentals, exotics, trucks, and vans with M/T are much more common outside North America.

NOW...get out there and DRIVE!

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