Is this the Best Commuter Car of 2016? Featured

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Edmunds gives it a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars.

For 2016, Hyundai has redesigned the Sonata Hybrid to take full advantage of all the modern tech they can cram into the solid mid-size sedan.

With 202 HP and a combined 44MPG, the new for 2016 Sonata Hybrid starts at a fairly resonable $26,000, although you'll likely be closer to the $30k mark by the time you get off the showroom floor.

The ride in your most practical of new for 2016 sedans will be comfortable and quiet. You'll notice we haven't thrown a 'fun' in there anywhere.

This is the car you expect grandpa to be pulling up in: It's (relatively) inexpensive, gets amazing mileage for a mid-size sedan (up to 99MPG if you shell out $$ for the plug-in Hybrid), and comes with many standard features.

Want to make this car more fun?? Get the Venetian Red Pearl color

Venetian Red Peal 2016 Sonata Hybrid


Or...maybe look for a commuter car that's a little more FUN.

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